Looq DG Selfie Stick Review

Looq Selfie Stick

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Full Review:  Looq DC Selfie Stick

The Looq DG selfie stick by Looq Systems is a non-battery selfie stick monopod with a built-in shutter button.  The Looq DG has a clamp that covers the top and bottom of the phone but leaves two sides exposed. This type of clamp is secure and the easiest to put your phone in and out of. Even though other selfie sticks with clamps that cover 3 or 4 sides are more secure, your phone will be set into place once it is put in.

The head adjusts to different angles by loosening and tightening a screw on the side of the cradle.  The handle is a very comfortable and the shutter-button built into the handle is very well made.   Another nice feature is that it folds up to a smaller size than competing selfie sticks when not in use.  Extends from 8.2 inches to 41.7 inches; Adjustable phone holder fits all phones width up to 3.35 inches. Supports major Androids & iPhones, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus included.  Looq has its own app that can be used with the selfie stick for photos.

Looq Selfie Stick

Looq Selfie Stick


The Looq DC selfie stick has gotten some very strong reviews from other publications, including the Wall Street journal.

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