Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case

Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case

The Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case Makes Taking Selfies Much More Convenient

The Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case is a selfie stick built into an iPhone case.  The time is almost upon us …. soon we will be able to buy a selfie stick iPhone case.

For a while I have been discussing the need for a selfie stick built into a phone case.  Selfie sticks are great to have with you in order to take group photos of you and your friends and family.   One problem with having them with you is that you have to carry them around.

That is why selfie stick manufacturers have been making selfie sticks smaller with each generation.  The newest and best selfie sticks are those that, in addition to being well made with solid features, have a small form factor.  A key trend among the best selfie sticks is to make them smaller and lighter.

Flip It appears to have a clever design.  It is smaller than other selfie sticks, slides into a slot in the back of the phone case and just adds some bulk to the back.  As you can see from the pictures, even though your iPhone will take up more space, you will still be able to fit it in your pocket.

Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case

They call it a 4 in 1 iPhone case – it has a case, a selfie stick, a remote bluetooth shutter-button, and a kickstand.

In the back is a slot which holds the selfie stick.  When you want to take pictures, all you have to do is slide out the shaft, angle your phone, turn on the bluetooth shutter button in the handle, and you are good to go.

It is too early to buy the Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case in a store but you can contribute to their Kickstarter campaign.  You will then be the first one on your block to get one.

In addition to using it as a traditional selfie stick, the case enables you to take photographs at a distance.  You can pull the shaft completely out of the holder, slide out a built in kickstand in the holder, and take pictures from a distance with the bluetooth remote shutter button.

Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case

According to their Kickstarter page, Flip It is also designing other holders that fit into the space reserved for the selfie stick shaft.  You can buy a bicycle attachment to secure your phone to your handle bars, you can insert an accessory to mount it in your car, and you can slide a backup battery into the space.

Flip It Selfie Stick iPhone Case

This new Kickstarter project looks very promising.  I am looking forward to getting my hands on one so I can try it out and write a full review.  You can read more about it at the Flip It Website.


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