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First came the selfie. A cute way to take a picture of yourself with the front camera on your iPhone, Android phone, or other smart phone. Then came the Selfie Stick. A simple device that holds your phone, expands, and enables you to take pictures and video of yourself and your group.

Selfie sticks have taken the world by storm. You see them at tourist attractions, restaurants, and any place people want pictures of themselves without having to ask total strangers to take their picture.

Best Selfie is here to help you cut through the massive amount of selfie stick choices. There are lots of selfie sticks to choose from. Many of them appear to be the same, so the selection process can be overwhelming.

Whether it is a Bluetooth selfie stick, a monopod with a cable, or a GoPro selfie stick, you can click through our site to read reviews to help you narrow down your choices. In addition to detailed reviews of selfie sticks, you will also find interesting stories of selfie sticks or things people do with selfie sticks.

We hope our site makes you selfie stick shopping experience easier!!!  

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